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How important is sending in an LES?

In order for MMAF to validate deployment to a combat zone, we are requesting an LES that reflects payment of Hostile Fire Pay or Imminent Danger Pay. Your DD214 form is also acceptable (replacing the LES) if it reflects MN as your tax base and reflects Hostile Fire Pay or Imminent Danger Pay.

I am from a state other than Minnesota, and I was transferred to a Minnesota unit but never set foot in Minnesota with that unit, do I qualify for the grant.

We are sorry but you do not qualify for our Minnesota grant. To qualify you must have actually come to the state of Minnesota to deploy with the Minnesota unit prior to deployment.

I am from a state other than Minnesota, and once I arrived in Iraq I was assigned to a Minnesota unit, do I qualify for your grant?

We are sorry but you would not be qualified for our Minnesota grant. Our grant criteria states that you must be either a drilling member of a Minnesota Guard or Reserve unit prior to deployment to receive the grant. In addition, service members who were transferred to a Minnesota unit, traveled to Minnesota, and then deployed with the Minnesota unit are also eligible for the grant. We want to ensure that we include those non-residents from our neighboring states (i.e.: IA, ND, WI) that travel to Minnesota each month in order to be a drilling member of a MN unit, and then are deployed with that unit.

If I send in a DD214, what else do you need?

MMAF needs a signed Grant Application form with the "remit to" address for every applicant. A signed application and your DD214 is all we need to approve your application. NOTE: We will also approve a grant application with just a Leave and Earning Statement if it shows MN as your tax base, and reflects Hostile Fire Pay (HFP). If you have a DD214 and it states Minnesota as your HOME OF RECORD and deployment to combat as stated in having received IMMINENT DANGER PAY, this is all we need to approve your application.

If it does not state Minnesota as your Home of Record, we need Service Deployment Orders that reflect your deployment with a Minnesota unit.

If it does not state Imminent Danger Pay, we need an LES that reflects Hostile Fire Pay.

If I served in Bosnia, for example, and received a check for $500, and now I have been deployed to Iraq, can I receive another grant?

MMAF would like to “Thank” service members for every deployment, however we do not pay grants for each deployment. MMAF has funds readily available to pay grants per service member not per deployment.

Is there a deadline for applying for the MMAF grant?

No, there is not any immediate deadline.

Is this grant just for the National Guard?

No, MMAF will provide grants to all active duty and honorably discharged Minnesota military personnel who have served in a combat zone since 9-11-01.

What is my M-1 MN State Individual Tax form?

Some service members may need to send the front page of your standard Minnesota tax paperwork filed in the year during or prior to your deployment. This will only be requested if an application has been found incomplete when being processed.

What is the status of my application?

MMAF is current in processing all Grant Applications, and we are working on applications just received in the last 30 days. If you mailed your application and supporting documents to MMAF prior to that and you have not heard from MMAF, please email us at support@thankmntroops.org to inquire about your grant application. Please allow at least 30 days for processing before emailing or calling MMAF.

What is the status on MMAF issuing me a second grant?

Successful fundraising activities enabled MMAF to increase grant disbursement from $250 to our original goal of $500. The MMAF Steering Committee approved this on March 19, 2007. Supplemental grants in the amount of $250 were issued during May and June of 2007. Effective April 1, 2007 all new grant applications will be processed at the new amount of $500. MMAF pays grants one per service member, not per deployment. If you have received a grant from MMAF you are not eligible for a second grant unless you were injured and received a Purple Heart after receiving your initial grant. If you have not received two (2) $250 grants from MMAF, please contact us at 1-877-668-4269.

If you have changed your mailing address, please send that change to MMAF atsupport@thankmntroops.org.

Which Commander's name do you want?

List the name of the Commander that could verify your deployment to a combat zone.