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Saturday, August 25, 2018
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Thursday, May 16, 2019
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Throughout the Year
we say “Thanks” to Minnesota’s service
members and their families.
we say “Thanks” to Minnesota’s service
members and their families.
we say “Thanks” to Minnesota’s service
members and their families.

Our Mission is simple:
To say “thanks” to Minnesota service
members and their families.

MMAF has thanked service members all across Minnesota with grant checks sent to over 780 municipalities, covering every county in the State.

Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF) is a statewide fundraising initiative by the citizens of Minnesota, for Minnesota military personnel and their families. Launched in August of 2005, MMAF is a non-partisan, non-political, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The mission of MMAF is to say “thanks” to Minnesota service members and their families who are making sacrifices in defense of our freedoms in combat zones around the world.

MMAF provides cash grants to Minnesota service members who have served in a combat zone since September 11, 2001. Grant applications are available online at thankmntroops.org.

There are three levels of grant awards:

  • $5,000 to the families of those Minnesotans killed in combat
  • $2,000 – $10,000 for those Minnesotans wounded in a combat zone, with the amount based on severity of injury
  • $500 to all Minnesotans who served in a combat zone

Since our inception, our volunteers and service partnerships have made it possible for approximately 90 percent of donations to go directly to Minnesota service members in the form of grants.

MMAF shows our troops how much we appreciate and respect their service to our country. The mission of MMAF will continue until all of our Minnesota troops come home.

Visionary Lead Founder,
Eugene Sit, was a remarkable man.

MMAF’s lead founder, Gene Sit, was a remarkable man who passed away in 2008 at age 69. Although Gene was born in China, his American pride and commitment to giving back resulted in the creation of Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund. Gene’s simple idea of saying “thanks” to Minnesota service members has had a tremendous impact and is a legacy that we at MMAF are committed to continuing.


Gene’s incredible life story includes being kidnapped by Chinese gangsters and held for ransom for nine months at age seven, being sent to America at age 10, away from his mother, to a father who was ill and died soon thereafter. Relatives in Arkansas stepped in and agreed to care for Gene. He learned the English language, finished 12 years of school in only eight and earned a scholarship to college, taking advantage of every opportunity possible.


Gene’s career first began at Commonwealth Edison in Chicago. From there, he worked for 13 years at Investors Diversified Services before launching his own investment firm, Sit Investment Associates (SIA), in 1981 at age 42. SIA remains one of Minnesota’s largest investment management firms, managing nearly $14 billion in assets. Five of Gene’s six children have worked for the firm, including his son Roger Sit, who serves as chairmain and CEO.


Gene’s life experiences made him a true believer in the American dream. One of his final endeavors was launching MMAF, an undertaking that spoke directly to his love of country. MMAF is a reflection of Gene’s patriotism and deep appreciation for the sacrifices made by our Minnesota service members.

Founder: Eugene Sit
1938 — 2008

The MMAF Leadership Group

The Leadership Group of MMAF is comprised of Minnesota business and community leaders and former public officials. To ensure the integrity of MMAF’s non-partisan, non-political mission, members of the leadership group range the entire political spectrum and are not current office-holders. We are grateful for the guidance and support of these talented and dedicated individuals.

Roger Sit, Chair

A Message From
The Chair:

“It’s hard to believe that the United States is now in its 16th year of war in Afghanistan. During this ongoing struggle…”

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Visionary Lead Founder

  • Eugene C.Sit
  • (1938 – 2008


  • Michael Gorman
  • Skip Krawczyk
  • Dennis Schulstad

Founding co-Chairs

  • Walter Mondale
  • Wendell Anderson
  • Rudy Boschwitz
  • Arne Carlson
  • David Durenberger

Executive Director

  • Kelly Boston

Project Director

  • Joe Bennek

Board of Overseers

  • Al Annexstad
  • Donald E. Benson
  • Burt Cohen
  • Mark Davis
  • Linda Garrett
  • Michael Gorman
  • Joan Anderson Growe
  • Skip Krawczyk
  • Whitney MacMillan
  • Nancy McCabe
  • Roger McCabe
  • Richard McFarland
  • Larry Perlman
  • Clinton Schroeder
  • Dennis Schulstad
  • Roger Sit
  • John Wernz
  • Barry Winslow

Steering Committee

  • Scott Adams
  • Donald E. Benson
  • Mike Eckert
  • Cheri Ford
  • Claudine Galloway
  • Michael Gorman
  • David Jensen
  • Jeff Julkowski
  • Skip Krawczyk
  • Eric Lundquist
  • Nancy McCabe
  • Roger McCabe
  • Joe Plank
  • Dennis Schulstad
  • Roger Sit
  • Jackie Stenger
  • John Wernz
  • Barry Winslow
  • Jim Wolford

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